Pharmaco Emergency Care are proud to bring you C.A.T Tourniquet® direct from the manufacturers, CAT Resources. C.A.T controls life-threatening bleeding from an extremity that cannot be controlled with direct pressure, packing or pressure dressing. Using a self-adhering band and a single routing buckle, C.A.T can fit a wide range of extremities. It utilises a Windlass SystemTM that has a free moving band to provide true circumferential pressure to the extremity. The Windlass is then locked in place; this requires only one hand with the Windlass ClipTM.

Pharmaco Emergency Care is a leading supplier of emergency care, resuscitation and trauma products. Through our heartfelt belief in combining the very best technologies with educated minds, skilled hands and caring hearts, we help to improve patient care and outcomes.

Applying the C.A.T Tourniquet

Check out our helpful videos showing the correct way to apply C.A.T Tourniquet to either a patient,
or yourself.

The C.A.T Tourniquet Range

The C.A.T Tourniquet is available in orange and black. Each is suitable for different emergency environments.